Book Reviewing Info

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I took some ideas from Caro(lina) but I personally like short reviews with tons of short paragraphs so I don't have to read too much so that's what I'll try to do with mine too.

I won't review all the books I've read, but if I have a real opinion on it, I'll definitely add it here.

And for Age Rating:
G - Elementary
PG - Middle School
PG-13 - Middle to High School
R - High School
NC-17 - Adult (I've read books like this but I don't know if I'll add it here.)

Also, check out my goodreads: here

Starting Out

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Okay, intros first.
I am a manga obsess, swimmer, drawer, and writer.
I hate video games.
I love computers.
I tend to give in to other people so I'm trying to get stronger.
I can do 70 pushups if I put the effort in.
I tend to not talk that much unless I'm really comfortable with the person.
I obsess about Naruto couples. (Naruhina, Nejiten, Shikatema, Sasusaku)
I tease my siser a lot.
I hate my current self and is trying desperatley to change.
That's pretty much it for now.